Why Strategic Implant®?

1. Utilization of the patient’s own bone substance

  • Avoidance of augmentation procedures unless really needed for aesthetic reasons.
  • Avoidance of additional surgical risks.
  • Cost and time savings.
    Cost saving is only one consideration. It is certainly an advantage to be able to save one-third of the overall treatment costs by avoiding bone augmentation procedures. They are today unnecessary for the treatment concept with the Strategic Implant®. But what is much more important for many patients is that the Strategic Implant® allows to get the treatment option which patients really want.

2. Immediate/early loading

  • Avoidance of interim dentures and provisionals.
  • No reentry/implant exposure surgery.

3. Very little external material

  • BasalI implants displace up to 60% less bone substance than comparable screw implants.
  • Bone integrity and perfusion are barely impaired by basal implants.

4.Immediate implant placement after extensive tooth extractions

  • Immediate implantation is possible even in cases with periodontal involvement (cleaning, perio treatment and implant placement in a single step).
  • Considerable time savings can be realized and risks are reduced.
  • The cost/benefits ratio is excellent.

5. Favourable distribution of biomechanical loads

  • Masticatory loads are distributed only to the cortical regions.
  • The cortical regions are more resistant to resorption and stronger and also regenerate more quickly.
  • regenerate more quickly.
  • Enossal force transmission occurs far away from the site of bacterial invasion.
  • Immediate loading is possible thanks to bicortical support and immediate prosthodontic splinting.

6. Few complications during the surgical phase

  • Strategic implants® is very resistant to preoperative or intra-operative infection – and our patients are not subject to excessive oral hygiene requirements. Therefor the Strategic Implant® may be used in patients, who have difficulties to perform regular cleaning efforts.
  • Even heavy Smoker are eligible for treatment.

7. Pleasing the surgical and restorative members of the team

  • The Strategic Implant® allows dentists to treat even difficult cases in their own office.
  • Thanks the Strategic Implant® returns these cases to the skilled implantologist: hospital stays, bone transplants (in as much as their only purpose is to create a suitable implant bed for screw implants) and many other unnecessary steps are not necessary.


Still unconvinced after all these arguments? Just take a look at this patient case, and you will see that a screw implants would have been impossible to place.

Minimal bone supply in the mandible; inflammation and hopeless teeth in the anterior region. This patient didn’t find a treatment provider who would even dream of handling this situation.

5 years post-op
All five BOI® continue to be fully functional. The patient is extremely satisfied.
Treatment time: 30 hours
Operation time: 65min
A real effective solution